Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Skinny arms, fat thighs

I love seeing my husband so motivated to get (and stay) healthy.  Not to mention, he's looking mighty fine, but I hate that men lose weight so much "easier" and quicker.  I know that he's worked really hard to lose what he has, but damn...I've worked really fucking hard too.  He's down a pants size...his chest looks amazing....his face is thinner....

I am not losing motivation, I just want to see results in myself.  I do see my arms are looking thinner, and building muscle/toning; but my thighs and after-Seamus-belly are still fluffy, and jiggly.  I know it doesn't happen over night...but it's been over 30 days of consistent gym 5 days a week and now we've added running too. 

Looking forward to the big picture: My goal is to lose 32.4 pounds and be back into a size 10 by Dec. 18 - this gives me 20 weeks.  That will equate to about 1.6 pounds a week from now until then.  I am feeling healthy and stronger....just not thinner.  

Anyone else struggling with not seeing results?  What do you do to stay encouraged?

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