Wednesday, July 3, 2013


ABS and I don't mean antilock brake system, however, that is how I felt today.  During my first ab workout, my entire core said...Nope, not today - big red stop sign.  Body brakes slammed to the floor.  But I pushed through it.  If I keep doing what I've always done, I'll always get what I've always got.  Time to break old habits and normalities.  

I imagine that actually having abs would help during 'ab' day.  I know it is not much of an epiphany in and of itself, but factor in the  that I have really never worked my abs (let alone have a flat tummy). I know that even though it is hard as hell and even though I feel like a bit of a loser for sucking so bad today, I know that with continued efforts it will get better.  

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