Wednesday, July 31, 2013

So why Vi?

ViSalus is that meal replacement drink that everyone has been talking about.  Yes, I've tried many different diets in my lifetime and the only thing that really works is eating right and exercising.  Just like everyone who's healthy says - so why Vi?  Well, it's my easy way out to eating healthier....

After getting pregnant, I got lazy. I started back into some bad eating habits.  Eating out, fast food, unhealthy snacks...all things that seem easy to change.  But toss in our crazy busy summer schedule (we're lucky to find time for showers, let alone portioning foods for the week).  So we Vi.  For us, it is the easy option.  Using the shakes gives me the ease of not having to make a decision on what to eat (which is a whole other dilemma for me).  Breakfasts are no longer skipped because I'm rushing out the door, lunches are no longer $10-15 meals, and dinner - well, my husband plans.  

I do think viSalus could be life changing for someone who has had a lifelong issue with over eating, eating unhealthy, or the inability or dedication to count calories.  It has not necessarily been life altering for me, but it has been a time saver and a huge stress relief.  I don't have to calculate what I'm able to eat that day due to calorie allotments, I never skip meals anymore and I don't feel guilty when I do eat.

Do you find yourself eating out a lot? Skipping meals?  Eating too much?  Never able to keep with the calorie counting?  I suggest giving ViSalus a try.

As a side note: I loathe Thursday workouts. 

*Seamus is not actually drinking my shake, however he wishes he could.  


  1. It has saved us money each month because I'm no longer going out to lunch or last minute (expensive) grocery shopping for my lunches. It's $99/mo which equals around $1.60 per shake