Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This CANNOT be me!?

First I want to say, as of today, I've lost 23 pounds and 25 inches.

I was so proud when I put on these particular pants a few weeks ago...used my "tummy sucker thing" to let them fit perfectly, strutted into the office.  I felt pretty awesome wearing these pants.  Especially since the last time I tried to wear them they wouldn't even come up past my thighs!

On occasion I will wear them, but not terribly often because I hate wearing the "tummy sucker thing."  I decided to give them a shot today fresh out of the wash.  I successfully pulled them on with no "tummy sucker thing" and they are loose in my waist and thighs.  It feels great to wear them to work today knowing that I'm wearing them without any support from undergarments and they are loose!

I do not own a full length mirror, but I caught a glimpse of my reflection in my work window and had to share in my excitement.  This can't be me!?  I should be far more bulgy and lumpy.  I quickly flipped through some photos of me from 2009 when I bought my new car and was wearing the same outfit (the last time I can remember really wearing this outfit).  It was tight on me through the thighs then.  The pants fit me better now than they did before! :o

This is me in 2009 when I bought my car.
You can see my reflection in the car.
The pants are tight through my thighs.
And my shirt is a little tight.

This is me today!  My pants are loose, my shirt is loose.  I'm in shock!


  1. bloody hell!!! you should be to girl.. way to go

  2. Anora!!! Congrats! You look amazing!! I love the wedding dress pix and how you compared them. LOVE THIS BLOG! Way to go! This is Kellie Young, by the way, I don't have any of the profiles needed to comment, lol.

  3. Thanks Kellie! It's still a process - you know how it goes ;) I figure once I get to where I want to be, all I have to do is maintain! Seeing you over Christmas was definitely an inspiration, you looked fantastic!