Thursday, May 26, 2011

Resisting the Pie

I love attending business luncheons.  I get to see people who I don’t have time to see regularly, meet new people and eat amazing food.  This past Tuesday I went to the Connecting Women in Business Luncheon hosted by the Petoskey Chamber of Commerce.  They always have such fantastic speakers; this month was Steve Rudolf on Time Management VS Priority/Energy Management.  What a perfect topic as everyone in the Hospitality Industry gears up for another busy summer – always too short on fun family time, and crazy busy with work, work, work. 

Upon arriving to the luncheon, there was a delicious piece of apple pie and a cup of mixed fruit sitting at each place setting.  In my head I had already told myself that I didn’t have room in my calories and it wasn’t going to fuel my body in a good way.  After lunch [yummy quiche] was finished, everyone at my table grabbed their pies and began to 

slowly…cuteachbiteanddelicatelyplace itintotheirmouthsOMG.  Absolute torture.  My leg started twitching.  I remained calm on the outside, but boy, was I SCREAMING on the inside.  I WANT THAT F’ING PIE!  Thankfully I saved half of my fruit cup and devoured that.  Unfortunately they were still eating the pie and I was salivating and it looked amazing.  I kept telling myself SELF CONTROL ANORA…. I heard a couple of “mmmmm’s.”  I quickly grabbed my phone and started to look up the calories of the pie [because I’m thinking….Okay, I am doing Zumba tonight - I can afford those calories].  I sucked down some water.  Unfortunately the calories were too hard to determine and apple pie ranged from 350 per slice to numbers completely out of my range of eating.  Knowing myself and the guilt I’d feel later if I ate it, I pushed the pie one last time towards the center of the table.  My triumph over the temptations of the pie gave me a little boost of confidence.  Victory!  I have defeated another temptation! 

Although sweets have never really been a huge issue for me [thankfully] I think what happened was a case of knowing that I shouldn’t have it, so I wanted it even more.  I do have my sweet treats and certainly feed my cravings.  I want to make sure that is clear.  [Thank you to whoever created 100 calorie ice cream treats!]  It’s not like I have given up all the foods that I love [except fast food – I have given that up, but that obsession a whole other story], I just stay under my daily calorie allotment.  If I have a large breakfast or a sandwich that has too many calories, I just know that I have to make better choices at dinner so I am still under calories.  It’s like weight watchers, just with more numbers and counting.  Haha.  I’ve learned what is *really* worth the calories for me; which by the way, has changed over time.  I’m a total sucker for sweet tea – so drinking high calorie sweet tea was [At first] totally worth it.  That didn’t last long though, because I found that my body wasn’t getting what it needed nutrition-wise.  So I’ve learned to feed my body what it needs [and wants], just in ways that I feel is worth the calories. 

I know that there is going to be a point when I need to re-evaluate what I’m eating and edit my rules.  For now, this is what’s working for me.  I’m losing about 1-2 pounds per week [about the same in inches] and I’m feeling great.  Once I hit my plateau, I’ll change it up.  Confuse my metabolism and push harder for more.  Someday, there will be a point when I need to stop, and just maintain.  I trust that my dear friends will help to keep me in check – but I do know I’m a *long* way from that point still! 

I have lost 27 pounds and 26 inches.  I am 3 pounds away from reaching my half way point.  I’m feeling pretty excited, motivated and just plain GOOD about myself.  Of course it feels amazing to be complimented and encouraged on my journey, so I thank you everyone for being so supportive and understanding…..understanding that the only topics I can seem to talk about anymore are my kids, my husband or anything health related [running, recipes, calories in food, losing weight…..]! 

To sum this entire blog into one quick tip: Don’t put yourself through the torment of a restricting diet.  Just be aware of what you are eating by using programs like MyFitnessPal,, or Weight Watchers.  Feed your body what your body needs and even what it craves [in reasonable doses].  Weigh and measure everything to steer away from over indulging on high calorie items.

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