Friday, May 13, 2011

Beyond the Sweatshirt

Well, it was a beautiful Thursday evening and a scheduled run day.  Every time I run I wear my loose work out pants, a t-shirt and a sweatshirt [with a sexy sweat band too of course].  It’s been cool enough up until this point that I could get away with rolling up the sweatshirt sleeves and only getting a slightly slimy [err…I mean sweaty] back.  i feel most comfortable running all covered up.  I picked up some new workout pants, which fit better than my loose man-pants. 

Since it was a whopping 64 degrees in East Jordan, Michigan at 8 pm last night, I decided to attempt a run sans sweatshirt.  I put on my work out clothes and snapped a couple of quick pictures and sent them to my dear husband [who was headed to work] and actually typed “This is how I’m running tonight and I hope I don’t look like a blob!!”  I definitely still have such a NEGATIVE mind-set with my body image.  He promptly texted back a very complimenting message that gave me enough confidence to just suck it up and run.  Besides [I told myself], you’re running, you’re not in a beauty competition.

So off I went, confidence shrinking the further from my sweatshirt I got.  I always start with a 5 minute warm up walk and end with a 5 minutes cool down walk.  So as I’m walking, I reach the 2nd block and I notice a car at the stop sign across from me.  [It was a cool looking car with tinted windows.]  I felt a little under the microscope as I realized the car continued forward and slowly drove by me, came around the block and drove by me again.  Honestly, it was probably just some one lost in the metropolis of East Jordan, but either way, I WANTED MY SWEATSHIRT BACK

I stayed the course and had an EXCELLENT run – music blaring, feet pounding, and sweat dripping.  I passed another runner [half way through my run] who gave me the thumbs-up; I waved and felt a SMILE spread across my face.  During the last 5 minutes of my run I passed by some people I know and got a huge compliment “You’re my hero!” and I almost jumped out of my skin with excitement.  In those two instances all I could think is…I’m doing this!

So, this is my 2nd week of running 25 minutes straight [previously I was on a run/walk routine] and I have to say, it feels fantastic.  I have to figure out a new route now though, because I’m up to 2.5 miles and have to do a lot of back tracking.  So that’s next on my agenda! 

Here are the pictures I sent to my husband, Patrick [sorry for the shitty iPhone quality]:

Looking at these today, I think I look decent [especially considering where I started this journey].  I think if it was anyone else I’d be more uplifting.  So turning this around and complimenting myself, I would say that I'm starting to LOOK GOOD and my “mommy tummy” […yea, I know, Akira is 4] is disappearing. 

The support I received before making my blog public has been huge to my success: a humongous THANK YOU to the people who have PUSHED me the most the last four months [you know who you are *thumbs up] and of course to my new friends on MFP.
After making my blog public, I was surprised by the support [not to mention the compliments *blush*].  I even got some text messages and private messages [on FB] which all TOTALLY made my day and I thank you all for the continued love and support. 

I promise I won’t post pictures of myself every day!  However, knowing that many of you are fighting similar struggles as me [or are just beginning your journey], I hope you find the pictures motivating.  I weigh in on Sunday, so expect another blog from me then.

Until then, keep moving, eat right and support each other.  We all have our battles, no matter our starting size and progress.   


  1. Kimberly ChryslerMay 13, 2011 at 2:00 PM

    Your pre-run pics are great! You look fantastic! I'm proud of you Anora! Keep up the good work!

  2. I say take as many pictures as you want! You look great and you're feeling good! If posting pictures helps, by all means POST!!!! It's your blog! LOL If people don't like it, they can leave! Haha! I think you're on your way to weighing less than me!!!

    ~ Christina ~

  3. Your MY hero too :)
    You are doing awesome!

  4. Good job, Anora!! I am rooting for you as well. It's so good to feel healthier and good about yourself. You can do it!! You're right, life it hard and everyone has their battle to fight. Fight the good fight! :)