Monday, November 4, 2013

I like cottage cheese now

So here's the thing, when I was eating crap food, my body craved crap food.  Or at least my brain told my body that it craved crap food.  I mean, I was never like "Oh my gosh, you know what sounds amazing!?  BRUSSEL SPROUTS."  No, it was more like "pizza, French fries, carbs."

Now, since I've been eating healthy, that's what I want.  I took the kids to dinner a couple weeks ago and when asked if I wanted fries or onion rings with my sandwich, I denied and asked for a salad.  

I'm not going to say I never crave junk, because sometimes a Reese's or French fries do sound good.  Or when I walk into the office and the team has donuts or cupcakes, I cannot lie and say I'm not tempted.   However, I know that those foods are not going to help me to reach my goals. 

So awhile back, I decided to give cottage cheese another go.  I never really liked it before.  Well now, I love it.  My friend Dean convinced me to try a little yogurt with it, wow.  It's so amazing!  My favorite is strawberry yogurt with cottage cheese.

Point right even if you don't think you like it.  Our tastes are not set in stone and by eating more of a particular food, you'll learn to enjoy it and you'll retrain your brain.  Perhaps I should give fish another try.....

What foods do you crave?


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