Monday, August 19, 2013

My Why

Our shirts for the Challenge came in today.  So now I'm sorting through all the thoughts in my head to determine My Why.  My first reason why is that I am sick of being fat.  Basically my entire adult life I have been varied from overweight to obese. I am tired of feeling shitty about how I look.  I want to be a size 10!  the year before I got pregnant with Shay, Patrick and I both worked really hard to lose 50 pounds each.  I got down to my smallest size ever (size 10), I want to be there again!  Another reason why is because I want to look smoking hot for my husband.  No elaboration necessary, however somehow he overlooks my rolls...I just don't want him to have to "see through it" anymore.  My final and most important reason is to be an example of healthy living for my children. We did 3 minutes of planks together tonight.  I know my kids are watching everything I do...I want them to see how important my health is to me - actions speak louder than words!  

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