Friday, August 30, 2013


Well, I started June 24th in a size 18 and now, 74 days into the challenge and I'm down to a 14.  So far I have lost 10 1/2 inches and 15 pounds.  Feels great to be getting back on track.  

Sitting in my closet is a box full of size 10s and 12s...I am itching for them to fit.  It is driving me crazy to wear the same outfits each week, but I don't want to go shopping because I won't be here long.  My goal is to be back into my clothes that are stashed away.....and no stopping there.  

So in 16 days, we are doing the 90-day challenge again.  I want to do it until the 90-day challenge transforms my body and becomes my new habit and lifestyle.  

I'm almost to my first goal (lose 20 pounds) and my second (wearing my closet stash of clothes) isn't far behind.  From there I'm excited to see how my new lifestyle will transform my body even more. It feels really good to actually be on track to meet my goals.  

Excuse the fierce "workout complete" expression in my 'current progress' pic.  Haha.  The before face on the left was the first part of July (two weeks into the challenge). 

Check out My amazing, supportive, loving, awesome husband!!

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  1. You are inspiring, Anora. I'm always up for a little work out partner if you are ever in the need but based on the pics you have a pretty good one in Patrick. You both look noticeably healthier and happier. Although, Patrick looks much better w/out those silly sunglasses on! lol. Keep it up.