Wednesday, July 6, 2011

From Self-Loathing to Self-Love

Every day I get the Jillian Michaels Newsletter via email, which I thoroughly enjoy.  Last Friday there was a quiz called “From Self-Loathing to Self-Love.”  This forced me to think about how many times in my life I have looked at myself, only to find every single imperfection and sometimes even calling myself names.  At [too many] times in my life, I have been my own worst enemy. 

As I have changed my lifestyle and habits, my body has obviously changed as well.  The thing that I struggle with the most is appreciating the changes that are taking place and realizing [or maybe it’s more like accepting] that I actually…am looking…better. 

Some days I look in the mirror and think, oh my gosh, I’m getting smaller and I’m looking great.  But, the longer I look, I start to find things wrong.  I say to myself, “oh, but look at my stomach…it isn’t flat and my thighs rub, and my hips…oh my hips….”  Then I end up leaving the bathroom worse than when I started off.  Far worse. 

Since writing my blog about Fear, I have started to change that thought process.  When I look in the mirror I try to only look long enough to see just the good things.  Then I walk away.  Now, with saying this, I will be the first to say that I am FAR from perfect at this technique, but it still has helped a lot. 

For anyone following my Blogs, you remember reading about my struggles from running in baggy pants and sweatshirts and having to make the transition to T-shirts due to the temperature change….spring.  Well the transition into summer has encouraged me to try shorts.  Yea, you read that right, I ran in shorts [and a tank top].  This was not only a major feat for me, but it was also…a big mistake.  The feat was that I ran in shorts and a tank top.  The mistake…well, I hope that anyone who’s thighs touch would understand.  Regardless, I am so proud of myself.  I never wear shorts; let alone working out in shorts. 

So far I have lost 35 inches and 34.4 pounds.  Five more pounds and I get a new pair of SILVER JEANS.  By the way, I’ve never owned a pair of silver jeans.  I don’t even know where to buy them…haha.  How lame is that!?  Based on my losses so far, I should reach my 40 pound loss by August 1st.  So, if someone could kindly direct me in the direction of Silvers, that would be fantastic!  haha

Me and Slim <3
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My quiz results: From Self-Loathing to Self-Love
Pretty Good
You're doing better than most. You know who you are and what you're about. For the most part you feel deserving, and more often than not you put pursuit of happiness at the top of the list. You can get stuck in a rut, but you work hard to dig your way out of it. You are secure enough to work on yourself and will lean on friends and family when you absolutely have to, because you know that when their time of need comes, you can also be supportive.

PS - My burn is MUCH better :)


  1. You know *I* know where to find silver jeans :) (and size 14 ones too)

  2. We can go to Maurices darling! p.s. I did zumba one night in shorts. HUGE MISTAKE. It was when we were still down in the library with the mirrors. Worst experience EVER. Could totally see all my fat jiggle and had major ride up. UGH!

  3. We have a store down here called "The Buckle" which is where I bought mine.
    I have the same process going on! It helps me to focus on the fact the not one single person has everything perfect and that I do have areas that are really good! Like I have fantastic legs. Wow. I just said I have fantastic legs. LOL I would have NEVER thought that or said that before. I've also thought about how much I look in the mirror. I wonder if that is part of our image society because long ago, most people didn't have a mirror to constantly gauge themselves in. I should really stop looking for like 2 weeks or something....
    I think part of my journey has also been to recognize that, as women and little girls, we are trained not to brag about ourselves because then you will be categorized as thinking you are better than someone else or labelled certain names etc. I totally think this is B.S. and that we should embrace our triumphs, shout them from the rooftop! And cheer on other women as they reach milestones of their own. So Congrats Anora! You are doing amazing stuff for you and for your children too.

  4. This was my quiz results:
    "Not Super

    You aren't a total mess, but you sure have room for a little healthy ego strengthening. You can be critical and unforgiving of yourself. You find your value by facilitating other people’s happiness and often put their needs before your own. You are quick to take the blame when things go wrong, and you tend to get in your own way by not allowing yourself room for mistakes or time to learn from them."

  5. Stace - So is that you suggesting that you are buying a new pair for yourself as well?! ;) hehe

    RJH - I love you for your blatant honesty! haha. I felt good about myself [FINALLY] and went. If I have some jiggle...oh well. They can look away! hehe.

    Dana - Thanks for comments. I love hearing from you and getting to know you. Your quiz results would have been mine [if not worse] previously. and perhaps still some days it would be that way...maybe a particular time of the month?! ha. You're doing great and I love seeing your progress [and everyone's progress].

    My friends, 2011 is for getting healthy and guess what, we're all doing it!! A group leader on MFP quoted, don't throw in the towel, use that towel to wipe the sweat and keep going. If you fall off the wagon, just get back on. Never stay off for longer than a week. Just my experience.