Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm *not* Normal, and I'm really okay with it

I started a blog all about how I'm just a normal person losing weight.  Then as I kept typing, I realized...you know what...no!  Fuck that, I am not "normal."

I am not busting my ass every day at the gym, and adding extra cardio once a week with mad dance just to be normal.  The American norm is sitting at home watching TV eating pizza or running from kid event to kid event and grabbing McDonalds in between.  That is not us.  We pack healthy home-made meals to take for in between kid events.  We gym, walk, mad dance (or other cardio), we do random push up contests at home or pull ups on our open back stairs.  We try new ab workouts on my exercise ball...Not normal.  

And truthfully, I am completely okay with that.  I've always been a little socially awkward, may as well be abnormal too.  

I want to inspire others to stray from the "Norm" ...  We could create a new norm. One that will enrich our lives, and help us to become all that we really can be.  

I can and I will achieve my goals.  So join me in being "not normal"....You will likely find me at Challenge Fitness M-F at 4 pm sweating like a champion.  

Xo - Anora

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