Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Confessions & Realizations

Confessions                                                                          Realizations
I haven’t exercised since July 16’s 5K                            I miss running.
I’m not eating enough calories                                         I’m a bit stressed.
I have been smoking again                                               Failure.
I’ve lost 41 pounds                                                            And I still feel fat. 

Here are some pictures of Patrick and myself in our wedding attire.

Other than my disappointment in smoking again, I am pretty proud of my accomplishments so far.  I'm looking to lose another 19 pounds before the end of the year (I am down 41 pounds and 42 inches).  I haven't had time to blog because of the busyness of my job and just...life.  I have had a lot of stress lately (which I have shared with some of you) and add in the hustle and bustle of summer, GAH! I needed a way quick way to deal.  Not to excuse any of my bad habits, but I'm still super proud that I haven't gone back to my old eating habits.  The fact that I have overcome that battle of my life (and boy, has it been a loooong battle) and have lost over 40 pounds tells me, I can do anything. So I know that I can (and will) quit again, I had to take....just....one....thing off my plate for now.  

I'm sorry to dissapoint anyone, but I'm only human and we all make mistakes.  

I do want to say THANK YOU to everyone who continues to support me, love me and encourage me on this journey.  Especially my husband and our "get healthy" partners - Stacy and Tom (who have together lost over 125 pounds - last I heard).  


  1. Okay, you are not disappointing anyone. You are doing great. This is life. Sometimes life throws things at us and we fall down or we miss workouts or whatever. That is okay. It's how we deal with them that is important. And you obviously are doing great. The smoking thing - I had to chuckle. I quit smoking 11 years ago. But I would still sneak a few smokes here and there when we we have a few drinks. Well, it became smoking all the time recently. It's a way I too deal with the stress in my life. I quit AGAIN last Sunday. It's hard to do. So I understand where you are coming from. You continue to amaze and motivate me, so keep doing what you are doing. :)

  2. AFG - THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING THE SMOKING THING. It's been the biggest thorn in my side and I feel so judged, but I have to look passed it and know that I'm doing the best I can and I will overcome it (again). haha. I haven't quit again yet, but it will happen very soon. Things are starting to come together again and my stress level is decreasing....Walking with a friend tonight which is be fantastic.