Sunday, June 12, 2011

Slow and Steady

For someone who doesn’t count calories or keep track of their food intake, I’m sure I look like a crazy person: weighing my chicken, measuring my vegetables, reading labels and entering calories into my phone app.  But what I have found is, if I am not diligent with these things I give up!  Remember my blog about Failures?  I have done this many times before.  I’ve had ‘mini goals’ and even purchased goal clothing [which, by the way, I have never been able to wear….but this time, I’m very close].  I’ve done weight watchers, calorie counting and other weight loss techniques.  Until this time around, I’ve never been held accountable for these things.  I’d do it for a few weeks but then, I’d slowly allow bad habits to start creeping back into my life. 

You know, it can be embarrassing to be that person  who measures everything out and calculates the calories [especially in a group of people]. And a harmless comment like “oh, just let today be a free day!” or “That one little bite won’t hurt you,” is common from someone who doesn’t know about, or take into consideration my previous failures.  I have taken that one little bite and not counted it, many, many times in my previous attempts at weight loss and look at where it got me…right back to being overweight.
Counting calories and having my food diary public holds me accountable to myself, especially knowing others can see what I’m eating and how I’m exercising.  So this time it’s different because I have asked for support, made my journey public and am being held accountable by friends and even “strangers” [thank you myfitnesspal friends].

I certainly don’t want to come off as judgmental and I hope that no one feels that way.  I talk a LOT about calories, exercise, weight loss, and other health related topics.  [Stacy, there is 25 calorie cheese!! J]  I’m sure my dedication and enthusiasm could be misinterpreted and I want to be sure that is not the case.  The reason I’m semi-obsessive about counting calories and exercising, is because this time, I will not allow myself to fail.  I also know that my support system will not allow me to fail either.  One year ago, I started this blog.  Funny enough, my second blog entry was titled "Slow and Steady."  Now, I can giggle about it a little because of how far I have come.  If you have time, go back through and read my old blog entries.  You’ll see a different person because a year ago, I had failed yet again.  Not this time.

It’s an amazing feeling to see so many people getting healthy – whether that’s motivation from me or from somewhere inside themselves.  My friend Jodi now has a walking group who meets at 9 pm every evening in East Jordan.  To know that I was a catalyst to making that happen makes my heart smile.  I hope that I continue to inspire and motivate people to get healthy. 

Just remember to take the small steps and do one thing at a time.  One of Westley & Akira’s favorite books is Goofy’s Big Race.  Donald challenges Goofy to a race through town to an ice cream shop.  Goofy repeats over and over “Slow and Steady, Steady and Slow, That’s the way we always go.”  Guess who won that race? 

Guess who’s going to win MY race?  
Slow and Steady my friends, Slow and Steady.

September 2010 & January 2011 
[There are few full body shots me me!  Both of these are size 18 jeans].

Current!  New Size 12 Jeans [no, not the silvers yet, but getting close]


  1. Thank you Anora for blogging your journey. It is an inspiration. Between you and Chris, you are both rekindling my motivation. Blessings as you continue your journey.

  2. I'm so proud of you Anora. And I understand where you're coming from. Honestly, this is the longest time I've counted and tracked my food without stopping and yes, some people are ridiculous about it. The hell with them.

    Sorry we missed your housewarming party last night. We do need to get together and walk/jog whatever sometime and I still want to hire you to do family pics this summer. I guess I'm hoping to get some more weight off before we do that.... You know how that goes.

    Great pics by the way, can't wait until I'm in 12's again. :)

  3. Terri - I'm so glad that I can inspire and motivate others. Chris is definitely an inspiration to me as well. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

    AFG - I'm glad I'm not alone! No worries on the party, it's that busy time of year for sure - we'll get together soon! Let's plan on pictures late summer/fall. :)

    I asked Patrick to grab my jeans from the laundry room and I said "Patrick, can you grab my size 12 jeans from the laundry room" because I wanted to differentiate between the 14s that are a little baggy. He had me repeat myself 3 times before I realized he was driving home the point of SIZE 12 :)