Monday, April 4, 2011

My third month...

So much has changed since January!  Last I knew I have lost 14 pounds, 16 inches, gained some muscle and endurance, quit smoking....oh the achievements seem endless.  Only (almost) three months in and I feel like I am creating a new life.

Took Westley (who's 6 1/2) with me running tonight.  He did great!  I love seeing how the kids are realizing how important exercise and being healthy is to me.  We don't eat fast food, we make stuff at home or choose responsibly at a restaurant (on occasion).

I tried on my wedding dress in March and was SHOCKED at how much bigger it was - mostly because I couldn't believe I was that big.  Started looking through wedding photos and almost cried....but then I had to bring myself back to reality and say - look, you're working on changing and see how far you've come!  :)

I have committed to this month (April) of not looking at the scale or taking measurements.  I think the reason I accepted this challenge is because I have made this into a lifestyle change and by not looking at the scale I am forced to concentrate on that instead of the thrill of the loss (or disappointment of no loss).

I can do this.  I can.

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