Sunday, February 2, 2014

Time to get Uncomfortable

Remember when you first started working out and you could barely walk because your muscles were so sore?  Remember when your body was losing weight and inches quickly because exercising and eating right was all new and confused your body?  Remember when making yourself go to the gym took a lot of support from others?

I remember that too.  I remember when it was all new, exciting, and challenging.  Then sometime into my second 90-day challenge, I got comfortable.  I hit a plateau and my progress ceased.  I still went to the gym regularly, had my ViSalus shakes regularly and I didn't gain anything back (thankfully).  I was just doing it all out if habit and keeping myself consistent.  

My friend reached out to me and said something along the lines of being fearful of going back to old bad habits.  That's when it hit me (and her)....we need to get our asses in gear again.  We are too comfortable.  We need to push it.  Consistency and new habits are great, but we are not going to see results unless we push beyond our current abilities for more.  

So instead of "going to the gym" to create a habit (that's already done), we need to go to literally work our asses off. We have also started logging our daily diets on myfitnesspal again.  Drinking shakes does not make us invinsible from eating poorly (which includes not eating enough or eating too much).  We are taking it 30 days at a time.  My First goal is to lose 10 pounds by March 1.  So it's sort of like when we first started as far as needing support and accountability.  Except this time instead of creating new healthy habits, we are fine tuning those habits and pushing beyond our current limits. 

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